What does Broad Spectrum mean?

If you’ve done any research on CBD then you’ve probably come across the following terms: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and CBD Isolate. It can be confusing and we’d like to help clarify. The cannabis plant naturally produces many cannabinoids (e.g. CBD) and terpenes. Studies have shown that the therapeutic benefits are more powerful when all cannabinoids and terpenes are taken together creating an Entourage Effect.

Full Spectrum: Maintains all the cannabinoids and terpenes creating an entourage effect
Broad Spectrum: Maintains all the cannabinoids (except THC) and terpenes creating an entourage effect
Isolate: Only CBD is extracted from the plant (remaining cannabinoids and terpenes are left behind); does not create an entourage effect

Be Jubie is a Broad Spectrum product