How much CBD should I take?

Dosing is unique for each person. If you are new to CBD then we suggest “starting low and going slow”. Start with a 300mg or 500mg tincture to save money and take one dropper full/day. Keep a daily journal of the effects you feel and modify (increase or decrease) your mg intake as necessary. Most people’s sweet spot is 20mg-30mg per day, but everyone is different and may need less than 20mg or more than 30mg to feel balanced.

300mg Tincture: 1 dropper full = 10mg of CBD
500mg Tincture: 1 dropper full = 16.7mg of CBD
1000mg Tincture: 1 dropper full = 33.3mg of CBD

Please note: If you are taking prescription medications please consult with your physician and allow a 2-hour lapse between ingesting prescriptions and CBD.