Be Jubie Presents: Tuesday Tea with Dr. Stacey – Finding the Right OB GYN, Patient Advocacy and Racial Disparity in Healthcare

Jen Jackson (Be Jubie founder) interviews Dr. Stacey for our weekly “Tuesday Tea w/ Dr. Stacey” series.

Today’s topic is: Patient Advocacy – How to Advocate for yourself

Dr. Stacey Godley (Board Certified OBGYN) in Houston, TX is our subject matter expert (SME) on all things gynecology. Today she’s giving us tools and insights to ensure we are receiving optimal care from our OBGYNs.

Table of Contents: What does “OBGYN” stand for?

00:47 What should you research when looking for an OBGYN?(board certification, etc.)?

2:18 Having a “MD” or “DO” behind your name does NOT mean the dr. is Board Certified

3:54 All OBGYNs are not created equal. If you are considered “high risk” (e.g. if you have lupus, diabetes, cancer etc) – make sure the dr. is comfortable and equipped to handle your circumstance:

5:17 What are “Top Doctors”?

6:21 Confirm how the dr.’s office is structured, esp if you are pregnant (Group Practices etc.)

10:40 How are dr.’s incentivized (Private Practice vs Hospital)?

11:42 Racial Disparities in Healthcare

17:53 Consider your beliefs and if your dr. is aligned

22:51 What to ask a dr. when consulting with them for a gynecological surgery (e.g. myomectomy, etc.)

26:44 What age should you being seeing an OBGYN?

32:08 Closing words from Dr. Stacey (Be your own advocate!)

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